Women in Circle

a workshop for women,

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Imagine a society in which masculinity is in complete balance with femininity. Where power and manifestation carry the same importance as bedding and safety. Imagine a society in which such a balance in organizations is the norm, and where you are actually encouraged to address and use your feminine energy for your work. You can contribute to it.

We live in dynamic times with constantly changing environments. It has never been more important and necessary to invite our femininity to assist us in the restoring of this balance between yin and yang. Women in organizations can fulfill crucial roles in these processes.

In the past, yin energy was naturally included in Circles of Women held around fires. Presently, the creating of such a safe and protective setting is not being put into practice anymore. Settings which provide space for exploring what wants to come into being. Where we can safely experience growth and creation together.

Be most welcome to step into our womencircle. During this circle, we will investigate how each of us wants to embody her own femininity. We will delve into how this femininity can create proper grounding. For ourselves and for our organizations. With this we will explore how our organization can become a place where women feel invited to bring their highest potential.

We will work on:
– The importance of slowing down and sensing from our own knowledge
– Opening the connection between the heart and the belly. This connection allows for the development of a gentle power of the core and opens female wisdom.
– Sun- and shadow side. The honouring of the shadow side, the darkness.
– The importance of being in contact with your (female) source and connecting this to your purpose in life and at work.
– Femininity and spirituality are very closely associated. We will investigate what your spirituality encompasses, and how you can apply this to your organization in a valuable manner
– The power of rituals and ceremonies
– The strenghth and support of sisterhood
– The importance of dreaming, learning to listen to the wisdom of our grandmothers. We step into the domain of not knowing.

How will we approach this?
We will start to work on these themes together. By exploring them by means of exercises, a focus on the body, mediation and reflection, where you stand and what you can learn from – and with – each other. The exercises will always emphasize the embodying of feminine qualities. This revolves around creating a gentleness, in which stability, firmness and vitality are clearly present.

The meditative and Shamanistic moments will silence and nurture the immaterial. In this manner, we learn about communicating this ever-present knowledge and wisdom to the world that surrounds us. We look into personal themes that may prevent you from experiencing and embodying your femininity.

data: 13 maart, 3 april, 15 mei, 19 juni, 17 juli, 11 september,
16 oktober 2020
tijd: 14 uur – 20 uur
prijs: € 1195 ex btw
locatie: het Zouthuis, Nieuwveen
trainers: Annemiek Streng en Lise Schimmel


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